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Cotswold Airport Showground 

Cotswold Airport hosts a variety of events ranging from national events such as the Mobility Road Show to its own respected and now famous Kemble Air Day.

From early days the owners recognised the fact that Cotswold Airport  offered unique facilities located in an area with good road and rail links. An area on the airport was set aside as a showground, which offers up to about 65 acres of well maintained flat grass and tarmac areas, the showground is suitable for not only all types of events but for motoring activities and allows event organisers the opportunity to set up courses and test areas.
Completely surrounded by a security fence and with six gateways offering road access and laid out in such a way that aircraft can access the ground from the operational side, the showground can be laid out so that the event traffic management plan will satisfy the local authorities and cause very little impact on the local road systems.
Cotswold Airport  has a main line station at Kemble allowing access direct from London, and is within an hours drive from the Bristol, Birmingham, and London areas. Giving organisers the opportunity to market their event over a wide area.

Some of the events that occur and have been at Cotswold Airport  are;

 The Mobility Road show.
The Gloucestershire Steam Extravaganza 
The Military Vehicle Trust National Show.
Kemble Air Day,
Kemble Open Day.
The Great Vintage Flying Weekend,
The PFA Rally.
The Festival of Free Flight.
The Didmarton Bluegrass Festival.
Cancer Research UK Race For Life.
Various launch days.
Corporate entertainment events.
Motoring events including training and practice days.
Music festivals and concerts.

As RAF Kemble, Cotswold Airport  was a major, second- world war airfield, the buildings and layout also offer unique filming and photo shoot opportunities and has hosted many film units and companies. As a working airport the backdrop and activities can also be incorporated into productions and over the years Kemble has seen many stars and major TV and Film productions.

The main runway at Cotswold Airport  is over 2km long and offers the opportunity to test racing cars of all classes, most of the major F1 teams use Cotswold Airport  for this purpose, and Cotswold Airport  has over the years seen many of the famous and up and coming F1 drivers doing what they do best. The use of the main runway has to be incorporated into the usual operational activities and is restricted and controlled.

Other facilities at Cotswold Airport  offer the opportunity to hold a corporate event with unique activities and services on site. Major companies have taken advantage of these facilities and have used and use Cotswold Airport  on a regular basis.

All events at Cotswold Airport are managed in house by a team who have had years of experience in events of all types at various locations throughout the UK. We have experienced staff on hand to advise and assist organisers in ensuring their event is planned and implemented to the highest standard.

For all enquiries regarding events at Cotswold Airport  please contact;

01285 771177