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Facilities / Commercial

Aircraft Storage 

Cotswold Airport recognise that the storage of aircraft on a normal commercial airport is expensive. In copoperation with Cotswold Airports' FBO’s, Cotswold Airport can offer a fully comprehensive storage program with subsequent support, and modification according to the standards, specifications and procedures of the new airline concerned. During the storage time the technical support and maintenance of your aircraft are carried out by certified engineers on a regular basis as per the recommendations of the individual manufacturer.
Cotswold Airport can offer aircraft operators and airlines the opportunity to store their aircraft at economic rates on a long or short term basis according to individual requirements. Aircraft can be stored until further required and the necessary checks and inspections carried out according to the manufacturers recommendations at preset intervals from our certified, technical support team based on the airfield. Modifications, repairs and refurbishment requests can be catered for before the aircraft is returned to active service. 

Cotswold Airport Aircraft Dismantling and Recycling
Based at Costwold Airport, ASI have a one-stop complete aircraft handling service that can carry out professional dismantling and environmentally-friendly disposal of aircraft taken out of service. They operate as an EASA Part-145 company in connection with the existing authorisations. We consider this is a valuable asset for the aircraft proprietor / operator. As well as being environmentally friendly, efficiency is increased by reducing the amount of components requiring disposal after an aircraft is dismantled.

 Line and Base Maintenance

Cotswold Airports' scope for Airbus and Boeing maintenance includes both line and base maintenance for commercial aircraft, ranging from daily and weekly checks up to C checks including work packages and modifications.
The airport FBO’s have the capabilty to carry out work on commercial aircraft plus GA, the maintenance skills are industry-proven, giving a broad range of international clients peace of mind that their aircraft is operating safely and efficiently.

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