Cotswold Airport, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6BA, UK

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Bristol Britannia

Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society

XM496, named Regulus during RAF service, made the last ever Britannia flight when she flew into Cotswold Airport on 14th October 1997. Although no longer airworthy, the aircraft is complete and has been brought back to her present stunning condition by an enthusiastic core of volunteers. The cabin has been restored to a half-passenger, half-cargo layout often used during her 15 years with the RAF.

Regulus is the only complete Bristol Britannia in existence Globally, plus being the only genuine RAF version. Maintained by the Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society, an independent group dedicated solely to XM496. `She’ stands proudly at Cotswold Airport thanks to the courtesy of Kemble Air Services and is a popular exhibit to Cotswold Airport ’s visitors. The aircraft has it’s own website at