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Cotswold Airport reduces landing fees for 2014
21st November 2013


Christmas cheer and goodwill to all pilots from Cotswold Airport
As it is the season to be jolly, all the staff at Cotswold Airport (Kemble) are very pleased to announce some Christmas cheer that will warm the heart of all GA pilots.
In the New Year we will be heavily discounting all of our aircraft fees to visiting GA aircraft by up to 50%! From January 2014 a typical C172 or PA28 will now be able to land at Kemble Aerodrome for the reduced price of only £10!!
Being a licensed aerodrome and a FISO unit you will always be assured of a warm welcome from our excellent, helpful, friendly and professional staff in the tower and the operations room. We all know how expensive it can be to operate your aircraft these days and we relish the opportunity to invite you to come and visit us and see what is regarded to be one of the best general aviation aerodromes in the country.
Located next to the tower, the AV8 restaurant is another reason to visit. Here, you can relax with a meal or a drink in their comfortable surroundings and watch the activities from the southerly facing sun terrace. Movements regularly include microlights, vintage jets and the occasional large airliner, the latter being quite a sight landing on our 2000mtr runway! With free WIFI access, AV8 can be a great meeting place for your colleagues and friends.
In addition, Cotswold Airport will also be offering discounted fees for circuits, which will give training schools and GA flyers the opportunity to engage in circuit training at reduced rates. Preferential rates will be available to flying clubs and groups so if you are planning a visit why not get a group of you together, book a table at AV8 and enjoy the Cotswold Airport experience.
Cotswold Airport visitor fees for 2014
Aircraft Weight
Landing Fee
Circuits (Individual)
5 Circuits
Up to 750 kg
751-1000 kg
1001 – 1650 kg
1651 – 2750 kg